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HOW TO list your business

Register at DIVE CENTRES.com

Unless you will be fully guided through the creating-process of your listing, you can see below how easily it works to get your bunsiness online.

At the begin there is a field with your options. You can immediately start to create your listing. We recommend to complete your profile first and change the password.

=> Update your profile

Create your listing

• Choose the relevant main category (Continent)
• Choose the relevant sub category (Country)

=> Next

• Fill in all requested (*) fields.
• Describe your business with an expressive and informative text. The more complete your information, the bigger the interest of visitors will be.

• IMPORTANT: Add up to 3 tags. (For example: Tech diving, Nitrox, Equipment sale, etcetera)
Your listing will then not only appear in the chosen categories, it will also be available under those tags. Separate tags by comma.
• Updload up to 7 images. (Pictures will be automatically adjusted)

=> Next

A preview will appear. If neccessary, you can do any corrections and modifications before you finally announce your listing. When everything fits …

Release your listing

Take a look at the website to see how it looks ‘in real’. Check if everything is done the way you like it. Test your listing and check if tags and categories are working properly to ensure your listing is available at all chosen options.

If you return to your personal dashboard you can also check your listing. You can modify anything you want. You can change images and text, adding new informations, whatever you like. It´s up to you to adjust your entry fitting to your current needs. Do not forget to update!

*** NOTE: If you run more than one diving business and want to have any of them listed, you need to create for each a separate entry! ***

And now, create your listing and make your business visible for all the divers on the globe.

Find here a SAMPLE LISTING to see how yours could look like

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