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Advertising Options

We are glad you are interested in DIVE CENTRES.com as advertising partner. To get a general view about your options, have a look and find out quickly what fits your needs at most.

100% Exclusivity

There can be only one! At DIVE CENTRES.com there are two. You can either be up or down. Or you like to be on both spots. On each site. Vast, only YOU! For this reason you can choose to place your ad in the header area (468x60px) and/or in the footer area (200x200px). It´s the best and most exclusive we can offer. The most important fact: there is NO ROTATION. This banner is ecxlusively for you, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year!

Banner Ads

Do you want to show your company or products permanently and efficiently to divers around the globe? Then DIVE CENTRES.com is the best place to be. We are offering any size and format which fits your interests and needs at best. Choose your very special banner (Rectangle, Full- or Half size Banner, Skyscrapers, Buttons or whatever you like, and place it exactly there, where you want to have it appear.


For those who want to get attention for less. Those 125x125px buttons are the perfect way to advertise for little money. There is NO ROTATION, places are limited!

All advertising spaces are limited to ensure your ad will be permanently visible to all visitors. Learn more about our advertising rates & conditions.

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